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Google introduces mobile payments system Google Wallet in Ghana


Google introduces mobile payments system Google Wallet
News Date: 28th May 2011

Google on Thursday introduced its mobile payments system Google Wallet, bundled with its coupon service Google Offers, planning to bring all parts of the retail experience together on smartphones.

According to Google's official blog, the search giant hopes to put tickets, credit cards, receipts, and coupons in Google Wallet, a mobile app using a technology called near field communication ( NFC).

NFC enables simple data to be transferred over a distance of 4 cm or less between two devices with NFC chips planted. The data include credit card information, ticket information and a coupon bar code.

The first phone that will be able to use Google Wallet is the Android-based Nexus S. It will make payments via MasterCard's PayPass system, which uses NFC technology. All Android phones will contain NFC chips in the future, said Google.

As for security, customers are required to set up a Google Wallet PIN which must be entered before making a purchase.